Rabbit Services

Apart from dogs and cats, Abbey Animal Hospital has also opened its doors to care for rabbits. Rabbits have become an addition to many households as pets. Some of our veterinarians have a special interest in rabbits and would be happy to consult about your rabbit’s health and care. We offer consultations/physical examinations, diagnostic and treatment of common illness as well as spay/neuter services. If your rabbit has a challenging medical condition that would benefit from specialist care we can help arrange referral to the appropriate facility. 

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I’m considering getting a rabbit, what should I know first?

Rabbits do make good indoor pets. They can be trained and become adorable pets in your household. However, they need a safe, bunny-proof space, litter training and at least 4 hours of exercise each day. Rabbits require a high-fiber diet consisting mostly of hay, in addition to green vegetables. There are many online resources about rabbit care that should be read before making the commitment to a rabbit. We can direct you to trustworthy resources to ensure you are making an informed decision. Rabbits can live 10 years or more with good care, so make sure your family can commit to one for its entire lifetime before bringing one home.

Do I need to vaccinate my pet rabbit?

Currently in Ontario rabbits do not need any vaccines. Annual health examinations are recommended, just like with dogs and cats. However, rabbit viral hemorrhagic disease has been spreading across North America including Western Canada so this may change if this virus makes its way into Ontario. At time of writing, the vaccine for this virus is not available in Ontario.

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