Behavourial Counselling

Just like humans, pets also face behavioural issues. Their behaviours oftentimes need to be trained or altered. However, some behaviour changes need more than at-home correction as they can be pointing to deeper issues. Drastic behaviour changes in your pet can be caused due to traumatic pasts, abandonment issues or sudden illness. Our experienced veterinarians can help you understand their behaviour and plan a treatment method to bring them to their best self. If you need support for your pet with a challenging behavioural issue, please call us at 905-827-4100

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What treatment options are available for behavioural counselling?

Treatment includes a combination of behaviour therapy and medications. Therapy includes behaviour modification techniques to modify your pet’s behaviour through various proven methods like positive reinforcement, conditioning, habituation, etc. Our accomplished veterinarians can help you build the best-suited plan for your furry family member or arrange a referral to a behavioural specialist. 

How do I know if my pet needs behaviour counselling?

If you notice drastic or sudden changes in your pet’s behaviour like aggression or more than usual laziness, refusal to play/move, please bring them in for a consultation as soon as possible. Other signs that should not be ignored also include:

  • Excessive barking
  • Whining, pacing or panting
  • Licking themselves excessively until fur comes off
  • Eliminating inside the house
  • Hiding, refusing to come out

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