Nutritional Counselling

Have you ever wondered if your pet needs to watch their caloric intake or if the amount of protein in their diet is enough? A nutrition consultation helps you answer such questions, understand what you are doing right and what new measures can help you better your pet’s quality of life through food. 

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What happens during nutritional counselling?

Our experienced veterinarians conduct a physical examination. Then, based on your pet’s medical history they can suggest a dietary plan or changes to the current one to help keep pets in their best health. If you are a new pet parent, they can also guide you to find the best-suited brands and food products based on your pet’s age and current health conditions. They can also suggest dietary supplements that can be included in the diet to help boost your pet’s immune system.

How do I select food for my pet?

Most important factors to keep in mind when selecting food for your pet are their age and any illnesses or ailments they might be facing. Certain illnesses may need increased vitamin intake or elimination of certain kinds of food. The best way to find the right kind of diet is to consult your veterinarian and talk through your pet’s needs. 

Should I consult the vet before introducing new food to my pet’s diet?

Yes. Some foods might be harmful for your pet’s health or cause side effects. If you have questions about your pet’s diet, call us today at 905-827-4100 to book a nutritional counselling session with our experienced veterinarians.

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