Surgical Services

Veterinarians at Abbey Animal Hospital are expertly trained to perform a variety of surgical procedures to treat medical conditions that afflict your furry companion. At the hospital, you can find a fully equipped surgical suite with a wide variety of instruments and anesthetic monitoring equipment. We use proven anaesthetic regimes for the safety and care of your pet. You can rest assured your pet is in trusted hands at our hospital. 

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What kind of surgeries are performed regularly at Abbey Animal Hospital?

Our trained doctors and licensed veterinary technicians regularly perform surgeries like spaying and neutering, wound repairs, lump removal, bladder stone removal and gastric foreign body removal.

What surgical services does the hospital provide?

The hospital is capable of providing both pre-operative and post-operative services. Before surgery, your pet is examined and pre-surgery bloodwork is performed to ensure their safety during the procedure. After surgery, all surgical patients are closely monitored by our experienced veterinary technicians and receive post-op pain relief medication available on site as well. If need be, patients can also be hospitalized post-surgery. If they need to be in overnight care, we can make a referral to a 24-hour care hospital. 

How do I know if my pet needs surgery?

Our doctors can diagnose and tell you if your pet needs any surgical procedures. They will explain the procedure and help you make the right decision to help your furry friend’s quality of life. If you see any worrying signs in your pet or want to know more about our surgical services, call us at 905-827-4100.

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