Weight Management

Watching your pet’s weight is an essential step in their healthcare. It can be a cause of concern if the scales are tipping over or staying under the required weight. Both instances can increase the risk of illness for your pet. It can also be an indicator of pre-existing disease. If you are concerned about your pet’s weight, book an appointment with us at 905-827-4100. 

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How can I know if my pet’s weight is a cause of concern?

Generally, a pet’s chest should be wider than their stomach or waist. If you notice a significant difference, it might indicate that your pet is overweight. The best way to know is to weigh your pet at your veterinary clinic and doctors can help you understand if their weight is over or under the ideal limit. 

If your pet has suddenly put on or reduced weight in a small amount of time, it is recommended that you consult your vet to get an appropriate diagnosis. 

What should I expect from a weight management consultation?

First, your pet will be weighed and their weight will be recorded. Next, the vet might conduct a physical exam to see if there are any other visible causes indicating the presence of a disease that might have led to a change in weight. They will ask you questions about your pet’s lifestyle – exercise, food intake, mobility, behaviour, etc., to help their diagnosis. They might suggest diagnostic procedures such as bloodwork or X-ray to dig deeper. 

Then, they will explain their findings, discuss possible causes, and suggest a weight management plan catered to your pet’s needs. The weight management plan can include dietary restrictions and inclusions, oral medication and supplements, an exercise routine and more.

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