Dr. Adam Rossborough


As a child Dr. Rossborough’s parents had a small hobby farm in rural Ontario. He always had a natural curiosity about how and why things work and, as a young boy, he became fascinated with caring for animals. It was these experiences that lead him in the direction of the veterinary sciences and a profession that he enjoys being a part of every day.

After completing a Kinesiology degree at McMaster University, he found his way back to his original dream and began studies at the Ontario Veterinary College, where he graduated in 2000. Dr. Rossborough’s original plan was to move back to a small town but after spending time in the Oakville area he realized this was the place he belonged; it combined a great working environment, fantastic clients and a lifestyle he loves and he became a partner in 2005.

Dr. Rossborough takes great satisfaction in helping animals. With each patient, he specifically tailors their health care to meet their needs, using his experience, knowledge and practicality to guide each and every decision. He is mindful that he has a unique opportunity to make a real and positive change in not only his patient’s life but their family as well.

Dr. Rossborough spends his free time with his wonderful wife and daughter as well as his Papillion Zsa Zsa, and his two cats Lily and Gwen. He enjoys endurance sports, finishing many marathons and multiple Ironman triathlons. His philosophy: be persistent, be patient and give it all you have.