Dr. Maggie Rockx


Dr. Rockx has had a lifelong passion for working with animals. The veterinary profession was the natural answer when combining her enjoyment for studying biology with problem solving. It is this career that inspires her with its challenges and provides the opportunity for continued learning and growth.

After graduating from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2016, Dr. Rockx worked in Windsor, Ontario. When offered an opportunity to join the Abbey Animal Hospital team in 2017, she gladly accepted to move back to her neck of the woods. She strives daily to work with patients and their families to maintain and improve their quality of life and strengthen the bond within the family.

When not at the clinic Dr. Rockx spends her time with her rabbit Serena and her two dogs, Belle and Bee. Dr. Rockx adopted Bee at 5 months old after she had been surrendered to a shelter at 2 weeks of age. Her fractured hind limbs were the result of being stepped on by her mother and at 2 months old she had her left hind amputated because the fracture did not heal correctly. Her congenital forelimb deformity became apparent as she developed. She now has prosthetics but prefers her stroller, backpack or just playing on the grass. From time to time Dr. Rockx will also have foster bunnies in her house, fulfilling her special interest in exotic small mammals and shelter medicine. She enjoys hiking with her dogs, gardening and baking.

Dr. Rockx recognizes that each individual is unique; with each of her patients, she considers not only their medical needs but also their behaviours and their families to determine the best plans for them.