Tick Prevention & Removal in Oakville for Dogs

Ticks in Oakville Ticks are quickly becoming a serious threat to the health of dogs and people in southern Ontario. In recent years at Abbey Animal Hospital not a day goes by without fielding a question or examining a dog because of a tick concern. There are a few different types of ticks that feed on dogs […]

Dog-Friendly Fall Activities

With kids back in school and the air getting crisper, it’s time to admit it – summer is coming to an end. Just because your vacation may be over, doesn’t mean you have to stop having fun with your dog! There are many fun fall-themed activities you can include your canine companion in 🍂 Hiking Hiking is the perfect […]


Rabies Transmission Rabies is a deadly virus for both humans and animals that attacks the central nervous system of mammals. In humans the virus is most commonly spread through bites and scratches from a rabid animal. Routine rabies vaccination can keep you and your pet safe by providing immunity to the disease. September 28th is World Rabies Day; […]

Cat Scratching Behaviour

Most cat owners know that along with having a cat as a companion, one must figure out how to contend with their scratching behaviour. In this post we will explore scratching behaviour directed towards furniture and other aspects of the home environment. There are several reasons a cat will scratch, and preventing damage requires identifying and […]