Does the thought of losing your pet on a walk or them wandering out when a door is left open worry you? Microchipping might be the answer to reduce your concerns. This preventative measure can help you be reunited with your pet in such unforeseen circumstances. Microchips are grain-sized RFID (radio frequency identification) devices that can help access critical information about your pet and your contact information. Hospitals and shelters can scan your pet using a microchip scanner and trace them to you. To know more about the procedure, call us at 905-827-4100.

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Why should I invest in a microchip rather than a collar ID tag or tattoos?

Collars and tattoos or distinct identification marks can only be used to identify your pet as yours. Microchips help animal hospitals and shelters contact you when your pet is lost and brought in. Collars and tattoos cannot be used to trace your pet back to you. 

Is microchipping painful?

Microchipping is a relatively pain-free procedure. It is equivalent to getting a vaccination shot. The chip is loaded in a syringe and injected under the skin between the neck and the shoulder. 

Are there side effects to microchipping?

The microchip is a passive device and does not cause any harm to your pet or their health. It is a safe option and has been used for years even in animals in the wild.

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