Veterinary Exams

Just like you schedule an annual health exam for yourself, it is a good measure to book an annual exam for your pet. Your little bundle of joy grows at a faster rate than you do. So, it is important to keep regular tabs on their health. Annual physical exams help uncover potential health issues in their infancy and doctors can initiate prompt treatment. An annual visit to the vet is also an opportunity for pet parents to seek advice on an array of pet care subjects such as diet and nutrition, exercise, grooming, or other questions and concerns. To book your pet’s annual exam, call us at 905-827-4100

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What happens during a veterinary exam?

During a veterinary exam, your furry friend is weighed in and a physical examination is undertaken by a veterinarian to look for any visible signs of concern. They examine your pet’s skin, ear canals, joints, coat and more for signs of illnesses. They will discuss your pet’s lifestyle with you and suggest any changes that need to be made based on the physical exam. 

They might suggest bloodwork or other diagnostic procedures to ensure your pet’s health is in the best condition. 

Does my pet need sedation or anesthesia to undergo a physical exam?

Most pets do not need any kind of sedation or anesthesia for a physical exam. In rare cases, based on the vet’s discretion, extremely agitated or anxious pets might need some kind of sedation for the exam. 

When should I book a veterinary exam?

An annual appointment with a veterinarian is recommended for your furry friend’s health. For senior pets or pets with serious health issues, an exam every six months is recommended.

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